Armed & Unarmed Security Guards in Aurora, CO

For the past twenty years, Blue River Security has been employing and training the best armed and unarmed security guards in Aurora, CO. Given their many years of experience, they have made it their mission to be the most reputable security guard agency and to protect and improve the safety and security of any residential and commercial property and personnel for both private and corporate clients in Aurora and throughout the rest of Colorado.

Blue River Security has become the state of Colorado’s premier provider when it comes to having on-site armed and unarmed security guards for special events, properties, and corporate events. Their entire staff has extensive experience in both high-risk and low-risk patrol areas. They also offer commercial high-risk security for construction sites, apartment complexes, jewelry stores, fraternity houses, pawn shops, warehouses, and loose diamonds. Their employees are also well-trained to handle patrol services for residential and personal services.

It’s all about the results and the safety of the community when it comes to Blue River Security which is why they are surely your best bet for armed and unarmed security guards in Aurora, Colorado. The presence of their uniformed guards has and will continue to avert any onset of criminal activity. Offering both armed and unarmed guards, Blue River Security intends to provide patrons with approachable figures of authority who can also display a sense of safety. While there may be some intimidation with armed guards, they ensure that their team is courteous, friendly, and trained to handle all situations. 

There is a reason why Blue River Security is regarded as Aurora’s premier security guard company. They have built a reputation for being able to handle any situation they are faced with. For the past twenty years, they have gained experience working with high risk and high profile clientele. Given their vast range, they ensure that all their armed and unarmed guards are trained and certified in a variety of areas which include: taser, restraining techniques, criminal code/CRS, along with any others that they make available upon request. Their staff is dedicated to providing the best service which is why they are constantly seeking to increase their education and learn new techniques to better protect the areas they improve which include Aurora, CO.

At Blue River Security, they can even create a custom plan that is sure to meet your specific needs and exceed your expectations. This is another reason why they the best armed and unarmed security guards in Aurora, Colorado. They are committed and will cater to their clients’ needs, ensuring that they are providing the best possible service. Whether it is building security, private security, or even travel center security, their armed and unarmed guards are highly trained and highly skilled to take on any and all responsibilities.

So, if you are looking to hire armed and unarmed security guards in Aurora, Colorado for an event of for your company, be sure to get in touch with Blue River Security. Their many years of experience coupled with their highly trained staff has made them the premier service in the Greater Denver Metro along with the Front Range. From high risk security for constructions sites and apartment complexes to tailor-made custom plans to suit your needs, they are surely capable of providing service worth every penny! They never cut corners or take any risks because the safety of their clients in every circumstance is their number one priority. Creating a safe environment for everyone within the community comes first which is why their customers all walk away satisfied and with peace of mind. So, be sure to call this security guard company that you can depend on at 720-770-1434 for an initial complimentary consultation today!,_Colorado